Snakebites, Yes Please!

Snakebite. Illegal. To my eighteen-year-old self, visiting England for the first time, there was only one possible response. Yes, please! Oh, teenagers and illicit activities, like moths to a flame. It didn’t hurt that the pub provocateur was a totally hot Brit! It turns out, however, snakebites are quite delicious. Half lager and half hard … Continue reading Snakebites, Yes Please!


Readers Favorite: Five Stars

Cheers to Readers' Favorite for the Five-Star Review of Punk Charming! Book Review Punk Charming (A Mixtape of Spiked Hair, An Elusive Heir and Spiteful Snares) by Laura Quinn is a cultural fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy romance in foreign countries. Kate Spenser … Continue reading Readers Favorite: Five Stars